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UltraBead 100 (12,000 gallons) 100kg Beads

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AquaForte introduce the new UltraBead filters! After more than 17 years of success, Europe‚‚¾‚s most popular beadfilter is followed up by
a new generation. The new UltraBead filters are manufactured of chemical-resistant, weather resistant, inalterable thermoplastic with
the world‚‚¾‚s most reliable injection moulding method with built in base. All models are equipped with a totally new designed multiport
valve construction with integrated by-pass! This guarantees a maximum flow with minimal pressure loss. Furthermore, the UB140 is
fitted with 75mm pipework for even less resistance.
Beadfilters are closed (pressure) vessels filled with millions of small plastic beads. These beads float and therefore provide a means of
mechanical filtration and the enormous surface of these beads provides the biological filtration.
Mechanical filtration: the beads float in a closed vessel and are packed very close to each other. The pressure of the pump makes
the water flow upward through the beads. The small dirt particles will stick to the bead pack. The longer the filter is active, the more bio
film there will be around the beads and therefore small particles can be filtered (down to 10 micron!).
Biological filtration: the specific surface of the beads is about 1600m² per m³, so the bio film layer around the beads is extremely
useful nor nitrifying bacteria that consume vast amounts of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.
The fish load in the table is based on 1% feed per day. Recommended pump capacity: in a water column of 2 - 3 m (0,2 -0,3 bar) the
pump should be able to circulate 50% of the actual water volume per hour (see specifications of the various pumps).
Ponds larger than 40 m³ should have a pump with an actual capacity of 25% to 33% of the water volume per hour. Filters are delivered
incl. beads. CAUTION: Max. working pressure 2,5 bar (25 meter).
Beadfilters are also the ideal filter for swimming ponds! They provide perfectly clear, healthy water!

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