Triogen TR2-3 (Three Lamp)

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‚‚‚ Low pressure UV
‚‚‚ Low capital and electrical running costs
‚‚‚ 18 month UV lamp life
‚‚‚ Reduction in chemical requirement
‚‚‚ Improved algae control
‚‚‚ 100% corrosion resistant UV inhibited
polymeric reactor vessel
‚‚‚ Automatic pre-set internal flow sensor
switch shuts down on no flow
‚‚‚ Centre ring indicates lamps are operational when switched on
UV TECHNOLOGY- The TR2 range is designed for disinfection of residential pool and spa water and provides cost
effective treatment and improved water quality. Two, three or four low pressure UV lamps are incorporated, treating flows
of up to 40 m³/h with a UV dose of 30 mJ/cm². This dose is sufficient for disinfection of the water, providing complementary
protection against chlorine resistant organisms, as well as enhanced algae control. UV treatment is compatible with all other
sanitisers, including chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, peroxide and copper based compounds, and allows for the levels of
these to be significantly reduced. UV treatment introduces no by-products into the water, but also has no residual effect.
Therefore a small background level of disinfectant should always be maintained. TR2 systems have a small footprint and
low power consumption. They are easily installed, having selectable inlet and outlet positions.

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