Superdrum Combi Bio 30

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The Combi Bio 30 consumes very little energy, has compact
dimensions, is made with premium materials and works fully
automatically. De Combi Bio 30 can be entirely buried and can
be used with pump-fed applications. UV lamps can easily be
fitted in the casing. The Combi Bio has a 3x 110 inlet and
1x 110 outlet, allowing the connection of two bottom drains
and a skimmer. The Combi Bio 30 comes with a cover,
rinsing pump and control electronics. UV and biological
media equipment is sold separately.

Input: 3x 110 mm
Output: 1x 110mm, 1x 32mm rinsing pump connector
Material: PP
Bio chamber: 110 litres
Filter element mesh size: 60 microns
Spray nozzles: removable
Dimensions: 990 x 930 x 770 mm
Max flow: 20m3/hour
Koi pond: 30m3
Swimming pond: 60m3
Drum dimensions: 380 x 400 mm
Incl water level protection device


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