Oase Replacement foam set for Filtoclear 12000

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For FiltoClear 12000. The heart of a filter are its filter sponges - especially this filter sponge set, which combines the blue and red sponges in a small space. Red filter sponges have fine filtering properties, while the blue ones are coarse. This means that, depending on the flow speed of the water, small or only larger particles get stuck in the sponges and are thus withdrawn from the pond water. But they don't just do the classic filtration, they also provide the smallest bacteria with plenty of living space. This small biological oasis in the red filter sponges ensures that any toxins that have arisen in the pond are converted: Toxic substances are converted into harmless but algae-stimulating substances (nitrification), which in turn are converted into naturally occurring gases (denitrification).

  • Significant load capacity with high dimensional stability
  • Constant and regular water flow thanks to a fixed pore size
  • 100% compatible with animals, plants and microorganisms

Technical Data

Scope of delivery 2 x red; 3 x blue
Suitable for FiltoClear 12000

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