Replacement Foams for Biotec 18/36/60/140 Blue (set of 2)

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The blue filter sponges for the BioTec ScreenMatic² 60000 and 140000 flow filters are easy to use and easy to clean. They are part of the biological / mechanical filtration in the BioTec filter: Coarse dirt particles are retained in the coarse-pored blue bio-bodies. Due to the enrichment with oxygen, Nitrosomonas bacteria quickly form in the blue zone, which convert ammonia, which is extremely harmful to fish, into nitrite. Also suitable for the previous BioTec ScreenMatic 18/36 model. 

Contents: 2 filter sponges.

Technical Data

Scope of delivery 2 x blue
Suitable for BioTec Screenmatic² 18 / 60000, BioTec Screenmatic² 36 / 14000

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