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PRO-Line Clarity 55W UV Stainless steel

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100% Stainless Steel UV

  • All Stainless UV Clarifier using a solid state electronic ballast.
  • Premium build quality, performance and looks
  • Max Flow rate 3800gph
  • Max Pond Size 10000 gallons
  • 1.5‚‚½ BSP Male connections IN/OUT
  • 9000hr lamp life
  • Supplied with Osram TL 55w lamp
  • Includes mounting brackets

Uses standard TL 55w lamps
Green water is a real problem for most pond keepers, it can spread quickly and not
only look unsightly but deprive fish and plants of vital nutrients and oxygen.
A 100% Stainless steel UV clarifier operates with more efficiency than
traditional UVCs. As the water passes through the Ultra Violet light the UV rays
are reflected back off the inside of the vessel giving more coverage.
Bear in mind that a clarifier does not treat Blanketweed, the thin strands of algae
that can build up in a pond.

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