ProfiClear Premium DF-XL pump-fed EGC Drum Filter

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Professional module filter system for large natural and swimming ponds up to 530 m³ and koi ponds up to 100 m³ for excellent water quality in the smallest of spaces - thanks to particularly high filter performance with intelligent control functions and intelligent self-cleaning function for unique maintenance freedom (drum filter module). All settings can be conveniently controlled via APP by integrating the system into the Easy Garden Control System (EGC). The degradation of pollutants is even more effective with the high-performance filter media OASE PondPads and unfolds its optimal efficiency in the new fluidized bed process (moving bed). For large pond owners who want more, high rates of degradation of ammonium, ammonia.

  • Modern modular filter system for professional water quality where space is at a minimum
  • Mature, professional technology with more than three years of development time
  • Excellent decomposition rates of ammonium, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • Conveniently control all settings via an app with the Easy Garden Control System (EGC); existing systems can be upgraded using the separately available upgrade kit
  • Highly effective at breaking down pollutants and nutrients using purpose-designed filter media in the moving bed process (Moving Bed module)
  • Outstanding filter capacity with intelligent control functions
  • Intelligent self-cleaning function for unique maintenance-free operation (drum filter module)
  • Flexible adaptation of the filter system to individual requirements (individual module)
  • Innovative and reliable product "Made in Germany" (except pressure pump)
  • System requirements: To use the EGC functions, an InScenio EGC Controller Home/Cloud, InScenio FM Master EGC Home/Cloud, InScenio FM Master WiFi EGC or InScenio FM Master WiFi Version 2.0 or later is required.

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1330 x 875 x 820
Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption W 5
Power consumption, cleaning W 1600
Net weight kg 125.00
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years 2 + 1
Control unit Microcontroller
Temperature display Digital
Number of nozzles/rinse quantity 8 x 2.5 l/min
Scavenging pump 7 bar
Automatic rinsing system manually, Sensor, Time interval
Number of sieve elements Units 16
Filter intake surface cm² 6900
Material GRP Duroplast/stainless steel
Number of inlets Units 5
Inlet connections 3 x 2" / 2 x DN 110
Number of outlets Units 2
Outlet connections DN 150
Sludge discharge connections DN 75
Flush trough connection DN 110
Connection to Bitron Gravity
Min. flow rate l/h 1000
Max. flow rate l/h 50000
Installation height above water level cm 52.0
Type of use Pump fed system
Other Pollutant discharge incl. slide valve


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