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Pro-Line Aqua - Top Color Koi Food 15kg (3mm)

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Color is a complete food for koi made from very high quality ingredients. In addition to a high content of spirulina and astaxanthin, this food contains 2 other natural color enhancers. These additives ensure the development of deep, bright contrasting colours. The natural origin of these additives prevents discoloration of white scales. Spirulina is also known for its resistance-enhancing and health-supporting properties.

Analytical components: Crude protein 37%, Crude fat 7%, Crude fibre 1.9%, Crude ash 9%.

Composition: wheat / soya dehulled, extracted, toasted / wheat gluten / poultry meal / fish meal / lucerne protein concentrate / spirulina / lecithin / monocalcium phosphate / insect meal / krill meal / yeast products / inulin / algae (Schizochytrium limacinum).

Not for human consumption. Keep cool and dry, feed according to feeding advice. Contains preservatives, antioxidants and colorants.

Feeders containing clay (bentonite) should not be coated with antibiotics, because the clay can negatively influence the effectiveness of the antibiotics.

Contains fish meal and/or soluble fish protein and processed animal proteins from poultry and/or insects, should not be fed to farmed animals, with the exception of aquaculture animals, fur animals and pigs.

At a water temperature from 15 degrees you can regularly feed Pro-Line Aqua Top Color.
Never feed more than the fish can eat in 5 minutes.

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