PRO-Line Aqua

Pro-Line Aqua - Staple Koi Food 15kg (3mm)

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Carefully selected fishmeal is used in combination with alfalfa for efficient growth.
Proteins, fibres, amino acids and nucleic acids are combined with the highest quality dried brewer's yeast.

Analysis: Protein 30.00%, Fat 6.00%, Crude Fat 2.9%, Ash 7.5%, Phosphorus 1.02%, Calcium 0.9%, Sodium 0.1%.

A - 10,000 IU(IE)kg, D3 - 2,956 IU(IE)kg, E - 200 mg/kg, C - 250 mg/kg.

wheat / poultry meal / hydrolysed feather protein meal / soya dehulled,extracted, toasted / sunflower meal / sunflower seed, extracted / lecithin / fish meal / monocalcium phosphate / yeast products.

Contains fishmeal and/or fish solubles, processed animal protein derived from poultry and/or farmed insects, shall not be fed to farmed animals except aquaculture animals, fur animals and porcine animals. This product contains preservatives.

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