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OASE Proficlear Premium Compact-L (Pumped)

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Compact and self-cleaning drum filter units available in both pump and gravity fed versions
Premium drum filter and moving bed biological filter
High separating capacity through deep bed filtration down to 60 microns.
New Hel-X 13 media with significantly enlarged surface area for effective decomposition of
New pump chamber for combination with Bitron UV Clarifiers
Proficlear Premium Compact-L EGC - Pump Fed
Using technology from the highly successful and popular Proficlear Premium automated

Drum Filter and Moving Bed Biological Filter, OASE Germany have packed all the same
great features into one easy to maintain box. This unit is ideal for Koi ponds of up to 30,000
litres (6,600 gallons), goldfish ponds of up to 60,000 litres (13,200 gallons) and nature ponds
of up to 120,000 litres (26,396 gallons).
The self-cleaning drum technology can remove solids down to as little as 60 microns (60
thousandths of a millimetre) that‚‚¾‚s around half the thickness of a human hair. It then flushes
the waste away using a small amount of pond water. The moving bed filter contains the new
Hel-X 13 media that have a significantly enlarged surface area. This aids in the growth of
beneficial bacteria and increases the rate at which they can remove harmful ammonia, nitrite
and other pollutants. A powerful air pump is needed to make the media move and create the
‚‚¦fluidised bed.‚‚½


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