Oase ProfiClear Guard Auto Top-up

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The OASE ProfiClear Guard is an electronically controlled automatic water refill system for maintaining and controlling the water depth in ponds, decorative fountains and water feature reservoirs. The partially submerged water level sensor will inform the controller once a fluctuation in water depth drops below 20mm (3/4"), sending a signal to open the supplied solenoid valve, allowing mains water to flood in to the pond or reservoir. Once the sensor detects that the correct water level has been achieved, the controller will switch the solenoid valve off.

The ProfiClear Guard is particularly useful in Koi Ponds or fish ponds with gravity
fed filter systems as the water level is maintained consistently, regardless of evaporation. Commercial fountain displays which use water level dependent nozzles will also benefit from the top-up system to ensure the correct decorative water display is achieved consistently.

The OASE ProfiClear Guard Set includes:

  • Weatherproof Control Unit with power.
  • Valve open and valve closed indicators.
  • 12 volt water level sensor with 20mm switching differential.
  • Water mains operated, 230 volt Solenoid Valve, supplied with 2m cable.
  • Solenoid Valve inlet and outlet are 1/2‚‚½ BSP female threaded.

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 120 x 55 x 111
Rated voltage 230 V / 50/60 Hz
rated voltage - sensor V 12
Power consumption W 3
Net weight kg 2.82
Power cable length m 2.00
Sensor cable length m 20.00
Cable length of the valve m 3.00
Connection mm 13
Connection ½"
Max. operating pressure bar 18
Switching differential mm 25
Limited Warranty Years 2
Protection class IP 65
Length mm 120

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