Oase Hel-X Media 25ltrs

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The Hel-X 13 biomedium breaks down nutrients and pollutants very effectively using the fluidized bed process. The latest development of this filter medium impresses with a sensational surface of 955 m² per m³ and an extremely large, protected settlement surface for microorganisms of 806 m² per m³. 25 liters of Hel-X 13 can break down 170 g of fish food per day. Suitable for removing toxins such as ammonium, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. The new Hel-X media are white. Gradually they turn brown, so that the degree of settlement is clearly visible. Hel-X 13 fillers are particularly effective and inexpensive, and the medium does not have to be cleaned in combination with a drum pre-separation.

  • High performance bio filter medium with large surface area

Technical Data

Net weight kg 4.10

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