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NT Labs Pond Lab Multi-Test Kit – Simplifying Pond Water Testing for a Healthy Environment

Comprehensive Testing for Your Pond: The NT Labs Pond Lab Multi-Test Kit is your all-in-one solution for testing the key parameters in your pond. This kit combines up to 200 tests for six critical parameters: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, GH, and KH. With liquid drop tests from a dropper bottle, ensuring consistent drop sizes, and an integrated test tube rack, this kit makes water testing easy and reliable.

Easy-to-Use with Clear Instructions: Performing tests is straightforward – add your pond water to the test tube and count the number of drops needed. Full instructions are included, detailing optimum levels for each parameter and suggestions for corrections. The integrated test tube rack keeps everything organized, and colour-coded stickers label the test tubes and lids to prevent contamination. Pictorial instructions on the back of the box provide clarity from the start.

Reported Concentrations for Compatibility: This test kit reports concentrations in terms of nitrogen (NH3-N), (NO2-N), or (NO3-N), aligning with reported safe concentrations for fish and plants. For those interested in the ionic concentration of the measured parameter, simply multiply the result by 1.21 (NH3-N), 3.29 (NO2-N), or 4.43 (NO3-N).

Key Features:

  • Combined tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, GH, and KH.
  • Liquid drop tests with consistent drop sizes.
  • Integrated test tube rack for organization.
  • Clear instructions with optimum levels and correction suggestions.
  • Colour-coded stickers for labeling to prevent contamination.
  • Up to 200 tests in one kit.

Keep your pond water in optimal condition for your fish and plants with the NT Labs Pond Lab Multi-Test Kit. Simplify water testing, ensure accuracy, and maintain a healthy pond environment. Trust NT Labs for reliable water testing solutions.

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