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NT Labs Medikoi - Probiotic Multiseason 6mm - 10kg

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NT Labs Medikoi Probiotic Multi-Season 6mm - Complete Koi Diet


  1. Optimum Digestive Capacity:

    • Highly palatable and digestible formula.
    • Contains beneficial gut bacteria to enhance digestion.
    • Prebiotic (fructo-oligosaccharide) sustains gut bacteria for improved digestion.
    • Supports efficient breakdown of food, releasing vital nutrients.
    • Promotes optimal body mass gain while reducing waste for a clean pond.
  2. Multi-Season Koi Food:

    • Balanced nutrition suitable for a wide temperature range (5°C - 26°C).
    • Can be fed throughout the year, making it versatile for various seasons.
    • Vacuum-coated pellets prevent proteins and oils from leaching into the water.
    • Abundance of vitamins and additives supports fish health in all weather conditions.
    • Probiotic bacteria ensure nutrient uptake even in lower temperatures.
  3. Rapid Colour Enhancement:

    • Contains spirulina and astaxanthin for concentrated pigment boost.
    • Enhances natural pigmentation, particularly reds, making colors brighter and more defined.

Recommended Feeding:

  • Feed twice daily, offering an amount that fish will likely consume within 10 minutes.
  • Avoid overfeeding to maintain water quality.


  • Keep the contents sealed in the original packaging away from direct sunlight.
  • Store in a cool, dry environment.


  • Medikoi Probiotic Multi-Season is a complete koi diet designed for optimal digestive capacity, multi-season feeding, and rapid color enhancement. Regular feeding ensures the overall health and vibrancy of your champion koi.

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