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NT Labs Medikoi - Health 6mm - 3kg

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NT Labs Medikoi Health 6mm - Complete Feed for Pond Fish

Key Components:

  1. Stimune:

    • A special formulation of beta-glucans designed to support the immune system and maintain healthy liver function.
  2. Propolis:

    • A natural product found in bee hives that supports fish during their recovery from infection.
  3. Herbs:

    • A unique blend of nutraceutical, naturally occurring herbs to help maintain resistance to infection.

Other Features:

  • Packed full of vitamins and minerals to ensure the overall health of your pond fish.
  • Suitable for all pond fish.

Recommended Feeding:

  • For beautiful, healthy fish, alternate feeding between Medikoi Health and Medikoi Staple.
  • Feed Medikoi Health for 3 weeks followed by Medikoi Staple for 2 weeks, and so on.
  • Feed twice daily during the growing season, providing an amount that fish will likely consume within 10 minutes.
  • In winter, feed only once per day. Alternatively, consider feeding Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic during colder months.
  • Do not feed if fish are dormant in very cold weather (below 8°C).
  • Avoid overfeeding to maintain optimal water quality.


  • Keep the contents sealed in the original packaging away from direct sunlight.
  • Store in a cool, dry environment.


  • Medikoi Health is formulated to support the immune system and overall health of pond fish. Regular alternation with Medikoi Staple ensures a balanced diet for your fish.

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