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NT Labs Mediclay - Water Re-Mineralization and Clarity

When to Use: NT Labs Mediclay is recommended for use as a weekly additive to re-mineralize pond water. It helps control the buildup of organic waste, bacteria, and pollutants that can lead to bacterial infections and compromised fish health. Additionally, Mediclay stimulates the biological system in favor of beneficial bacteria, aiding in the reduction of algae. It contributes to water clarity, providing a better environment for observing fish.

How to Use:

  1. Mixing the Dose:

    • Mix the required dose of Mediclay in a clean bucket or watering can with pond water.
  2. Application:

    • Pour the mixed solution evenly over the surface of the pond or at a filter outlet to ensure even distribution.
  3. Water Clarification:

    • For water clarification, it's best to apply Mediclay via the pump or venturi so that it is rapidly mixed with the returning water.
  4. Conjunction with Other Treatments:

    • Use in conjunction with other NT Labs water treatments, but allow a 48-hour gap after applying an NT Labs Medication before using Mediclay.
  5. Year-Round Use:

    • Mediclay can be used at any time of the year regardless of water temperature.
    • It does not alter the water pH.

Do Not:

  • Use within 48 hours of applying another medication.


  • Regular use of Mediclay contributes to maintaining water quality and clarity in the pond.

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