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NT Labs Koi Calm 10ml

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NT Labs Koi Calm - Sedative for Fish Handling

When to Use: NT Labs Koi Calm is designed to be used when there is a need to handle sick or injured fish for the application of topical treatments. This product helps to sedate the fish, making it easier and safer to carry out necessary procedures.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation:

    • Have everything ready for the procedure on the fish.
  2. Dosage:

    • Add the correct dose of Koi Calm to the body of water where you plan to sedate the fish and mix thoroughly.
  3. Fish Sedation:

    • Slowly and gently add the fish to the sedation bath.
  4. Procedure:

    • Once sedated, lay the fish on a soft, wet surface (e.g., a wet towel) to carry out the necessary treatment.
  5. Recovery:

    • After the procedure, return the fish to clean, aerated pond water to allow it to recover from the sedation.


  • Do not leave fish unattended in the Koi Calm bath.
  • Take your time and avoid rushing or panicking during the handling and sedation process.

Always follow the recommended dosage and guidelines for the safe and effective use of Koi Calm.

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