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NT Labs Filter Bugs 250ml

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NT Labs Filter Bugs – Your Solution for Efficient Biological Filtration in Ponds

When to Use: NT Labs Filter Bugs is your go-to solution when establishing a new filter, at the beginning of the pond season in spring, or whenever ammonia or nitrite levels are elevated. This easy-to-use liquid formulation contains a blend of Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Nitrospira, and supporting bacterial cultures. These bacteria play a crucial role in repopulating your filter with nitrifying organisms, ensuring efficient biological filtration and maintaining stable water quality.

How to Use:

  1. Test Your Water:

    • Use NT Labs Test Kits to accurately measure your water parameters.
  2. Measure Filter Bugs:

    • Measure out the required amount of Filter Bugs based on your pond's size.
  3. Add to Biological Media:

    • Directly add the measured Filter Bugs amount to the biological media within the filter.
  4. Switch Off UV Filtration:

    • Switch off UV filtration for at least 24 hours after adding Filter Bugs. This allows the nitrifying bacteria to colonize the filter and the pond.
  5. Recommended Usage:

    • Add Filter Bugs immediately after a substantial water change, pond clean, at the start of the pond season, after using medicinal treatments, or adding new fish. Also, use whenever there's a detectable concentration of ammonia or nitrite in the water. Filter Bugs can be added once per week or more often if desired.
  6. Compatibility with Pond Salt Plus:

    • Filter Bugs can be used when Pond Salt Plus is present in the water at 'General Tonic' and 'Anti-stress' levels.


  • Ammonia and nitrite are toxic to fish. Ensure concentrations are 0 ppm at all times using NT Labs Test Kits. If dangerous concentrations are present, conduct a partial water change before using Filter Bugs. Identify and resolve the cause of poor water quality to prevent stress to your fish.

Trust NT Labs Filter Bugs for a healthy pond environment and efficient biological filtration. Keep your water quality in check with this reliable solution.

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