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NT Labs Chlorimine T 440g

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NT Labs Chloramine T – Your Solution for Treating External Bacterial and Parasitic Infections in Pond Fish

When to Use: NT Labs Chloramine T is the go-to treatment when your fish show symptoms of external bacterial infections such as ulcers, fin, tail, or mouth rot, loose scales, or parasitic infections including Costia, Trichodina, skin or gill flukes. Look out for signs like fish flicking, rubbing against rough surfaces, or gasping.

How to Use:

  1. Test Water Quality:

    • Start by testing your water quality using NT Labs Test Kits to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Mix Dosage in Bucket:

    • In a clean bucket of pond water, mix the appropriate dosage of Chloramine T.
  3. Evenly Distribute Over Pond Surface:

    • Pour the mixed solution evenly over the surface of the pond.
  4. Switch Off UV Filtration:

    • Turn off UV filtration until 48 hours after adding the final dose.
  5. Aerate Pond Well:

    • Ensure good pond aeration during the treatment period.
  6. Add Filter Bugs After 48 Hours:

    • Add Filter Bugs 48 hours after the final dose to boost the biological filtration in your pond.
  7. Repeat Dose or Different Medication:

    • If a repeat dose is needed, use the Diagnosis Tool to check your diagnosis. A different medication may be more suitable. Wait 10 days after the final dose, perform a partial water change before re-treating or treating with a different medication.
  8. Observe Fish and Take Action:

    • Always treat when you have time to observe fish and take appropriate action in the unlikely event of a bad reaction.


  • Do not use with orfe, rudd, tench, or sturgeon/sterlet.
  • Wear disposable vinyl or latex gloves and appropriate eye protection when handling this product.
  • Do not use if the pH is below 7, the carbonate hardness (KH) is below 6°dH, and/or the general hardness (GH) is below 6°dH.
  • Do not use in bright sunlight or in hot, humid, thundery conditions.
  • Do not use if the water temperature is below 10°C.
  • Do not store in a hot place.
  • Do not mix medications.

Trust NT Labs Chloramine T for effective treatment of external bacterial and parasitic infections in your pond fish. Follow the provided instructions and safety guidelines for a successful treatment experience. Count on NT Labs for reliable solutions in pond water management.

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