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NT Labs Blanket Balance – Your Solution for Controlling Blanketweed Growth and Re-Balancing Water Quality

When to Use: NT Labs Blanket Balance is designed to be administered when your pond starts to show signs of blanketweed growth. This specialized treatment utilizes natural ingredients to re-mineralize and re-balance the water quality, addressing the conditions that contribute to blanketweed development. Blanket Balance is completely safe for fish, plants, and biological filtration systems.

How to Use:

  1. Ensure Pond Aeration and Water Quality:

    • Before administering the dose, ensure your pond is well-aerated, and test the water quality using NT Labs Test Kits for accurate measurements.
  2. Mix Correct Dose:

    • In a clean bucket or watering can filled with pond water, mix the required dose of Blanket Balance according to the provided instructions.
  3. Pour Evenly Around Pond:

    • Pour the mixed solution evenly around the pond and on watercourses or falls for comprehensive coverage.
  4. Cloud Formation is Normal:

    • After application, a cloud may form in the water column. This is a normal and safe reaction that will clear after a few hours.
  5. Post-Treatment Recommendation:

    • One week after dosing Blanketweed Balance, it is recommended to use Sludge Remover (Sludgeclear) to aid in the digestion of organic material in the pond.


  • Do not use Blanketweed Balance when dissolved oxygen may be low (e.g., at daybreak, in hot, humid, or thundery weather, or within three hours of feeding).
  • Avoid use if your water quality is poor or fish are showing symptoms of ill health.
  • UV filters can be left on during application.
  • Wash your hands after use.

Trust NT Labs Blanket Balance to effectively control blanketweed growth and re-balance water quality in your pond. Its natural ingredients and safe formulation make it an excellent choice for maintaining a healthy pond environment. Count on NT Labs for reliable solutions in pond water management.

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