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NT Labs Ammonia Remover, also known as Pond Booster – Your Solution for Controlling Ammonia and Improving Water Quality

When to Use: NT Labs Ammonia Remover, or Pond Booster, is designed to be used when high levels of ammonia and nitrite are detected in your pond. These elevated levels are typically caused by the breakdown of fish waste, uneaten food, dead or decaying vegetation, and insufficient biological filtration. Pond Booster acts as a powerful, zeolite-based media with a small particle size, ensuring maximum absorption of ammonia and preventing the formation of nitrite and nitrate.

How to Use:

  1. Add Granules to Filter:

    • Place the Pond Booster granules in a filter media bag.
    • Add the bag to your pond filter to allow the zeolite-based media to efficiently absorb ammonia.
    • Replace the media every 8 weeks during the summer months to ensure continued effectiveness.
  2. Use Regularly for Long-Term Maintenance:

    • Incorporate Pond Booster into your long-term filter maintenance routine to control the build-up of waste.
    • Regular use provides additional surface area for filter bacteria to thrive, enhancing biological filtration.

Benefits of Regular Use:

  • Control Waste: Pond Booster effectively absorbs and controls ammonia, preventing the formation of nitrite and nitrate.
  • Improve Water Quality: By addressing high ammonia and nitrite levels, Pond Booster helps maintain optimal water conditions for your pond.
  • Provide Additional Surface Area: The small particle size of the zeolite-based media offers increased surface area for beneficial filter bacteria to grow, enhancing overall biological filtration.

Usage Tips:

  • Regularly monitor ammonia and nitrite levels in your pond to determine when Pond Booster is needed.
  • Use Pond Booster as part of a comprehensive long-term filter maintenance routine to ensure consistent water quality.

Keep your pond water conditions safe for your fish with NT Labs Ammonia Remover, or Pond Booster. Its powerful formulation and ease of use make it an essential component of your pond care routine. Trust NT Labs for effective solutions in pond water management.

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