Oase Nozzle Schaumsprudler 22-5 K

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The OASE Schaumsprudler 22-5 K is an air-water foam nozzle. The ½ "attachment nozzle made of high-quality plastic can be used regardless of the water level. It is particularly suitable for shallow water areas and smaller garden ponds. The intensive swirling with air supplies the water with plenty of oxygen. The OASE Foam Sprinkler 22-5 K is suitable for OASE Aquarius Fountain Set 1500-3500, water feature height varies depending on the pump output (e.g. Aquarius Fountain Set 1500 height 30 cm).

Technical Data

Connection mm 13
Connection ½"
Material plastic
Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 1500 (H) 30 cm
Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 2500 (H) 45 cm
Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 3500 (H) 50 cm
Aquarius Solar 1500 (H) 40 cm

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