Mountain Tree

Mountain Tree Spiral Filter Mat Green Size: 120x100x4CM 1 pc

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The Mountain Tree Spiral Filter Mat has both physical and biochemical filtration capabilities with excellent water permeability. It provides a subarea for bacteria to achieve step-by-step biological filtration.

  • Multi-functional filter media
  • Patented spiral 3D structure
  • Moderate thickness and density
  • Hot-melting solid structure
  • Easy to cut, maintain and install

Patented Spiral 3D Structure

More surface area is covered by spiral and coarse filaments, aids in beneficial bacteria cultivation and upgrades bio filtration efficiency.

Moderate Thickness and Density

Circulates more oxygen and organic material to keep bacteria active and prevent clogging.

Solid Structure Made by Hot-melting

Made of eco-friendly material by hot-melting, safe for water, UV and sunshine resistant, and more durable.

Easy to cut, maintain and install

Can be cut according to different sizes of the filtration system. The moderate density makes it easy to maintain and clean.

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