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Microbe Lift Phosphate remover 1ltr

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The ultimate remedy in phosphate removal for fresh water. Use Microbe-Lift / Phosphate Remover for
starting up a new pond. this guarantees low phosphate concentrations. To clear the pond from
phosphate successfully, it is necessary to use Phosphate Remover regularly in new or existing ‚‚¦mature‚‚½
ponds. MICROBEL-LIFT/POND PHOSPHATE REMOVER is a polymeric blend with outstanding
qualities, including the ability to tie-up large quantities of phosphate without negatively influencing the
pond water in any way. Phosphate- caused by the decomposition of organic substances such as food
surpluses, dead plant matter, and excretion. Although phosphate is a vital part, it is only damaging in low
concentrations. A phosphate concentration increase could lead to water quality problems. To solve
problems caused by phosphate, it is recommended to keep the phosphate concentration in fresh water
below 0,3 mg/ltr.
- Safely removes the phosphate out of the pond water.
- Will not harm fish or plants.
Application: Use 30 ml Phosphate Remover per 400 litres of water. Depending on the water quality, the
amount of organic- and fish waste, can remove between the 30 ml and 1 and 1,5 mg/ltr phosphate. The doses
can be repeated if the phosphate level is still too high. Multiple treatments can be needed if a very high
phosphate level is at hand.
1 litre treats up to 12000 litres of pond water.

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