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Microbe Lift Natural Sludge reducer 4ltr

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MICROBE-LIFT/Natural Sludge Reducer for Swimming Ponds is a 100% natural liquid derived from
humus-based materials. This novel formulation is a soil science created to stimulate the natural process of
organic water purification via rapid bio-enzymatic breakdown and the removal of slow-to-degrade organic
bottom solids, materials and muck. This technology has been used worldwide to enhance water quality
and clarity, and to improve plant root system nutrient uptake, aiding in the control of unwanted algae and
improving overall pond bog (regeneration area/plantfilter) performance. MICROBE-LIFT/Natural Sludge
Reducer works in conjunction with MICROBELIFT /Natural-Clear to remove waste organic matter while
enhancing pond bog effectiveness and bottom solids removal.
- 100% Natural humus-based constituents.
- Removes organic muck and sludge from pond water and pond bogs.
- Reduces muck and sludge in the bog planted filter area.
- Stimulates and speeds the biology breakdown and removal of waste organic improving water quality.
- Improves plant root system nutrient uptake.
- Safe for humans, pets, plants and the environment.

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