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Microbe Lift Natural Clear 4ltr

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MICROBE-LIFT/NATURAL-CLEAR targets unwanted organic waste. This beneficial, microbial treatment was
designed specifically for the removal of waste matter, such as: bird and animal waste; human waste; body oils;
and wind blown organic material that can pollute swimming ponds. The bio enzymatic, environmentally-friendly
waste degrading action works fast and effectively to safely break down and remove matter, ultimately keeping
pond water clear, clean and odor-free!
‚‚‚ Removes waste organic matter creating a healthy environment for your swim pond.
‚‚‚ Improves water quality by degrading waste matter, including bird droppings,
leaves and other unwanted waste material.
‚‚‚ Natural enzyme action breaks down organic sludge.
‚‚‚ Improves dissolved oxygen levels in pond waters.
‚‚‚ Eliminates or significantly reduces pond odor.
‚‚‚ Safe for humans, pets, plants and the environment.

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