Large Superbead Filter 8000 gallons

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The SuperBead combines fine mechanical filtration with
biological filtration. The SuperBead is used for koi and swimming
ponds, as well as swimming pools. The filter features a different
rinsing process than ordinary Beadfilter systems and sand filters.
-suitable for use in energy efficient pumps
-easy to use ‚‚‚ no additional air blower (wear and tear, maintenance
and sensitive to moisture/water)
-excellent biological filtration
-less energy consumption
-easy to automate
Brief description of the filtration process:
-The coarsely pre-filtered water is pumped into the filter,
-The beads float into a ‚‚¦Static‚‚½ bed at the top,
-The beads Strain out fine dirt down to 20 microns in size,
-The biological filtration occurs on the surface of the beads
-The trapped dirt is regularly removed by backwashing the filter
-Backwashing can be easily automated
The SuperBead‚‚¾‚s hourglass shape ensures:
*a steady flow of water through the filter
*excellent distribution of water over the filter bed
*an extremely effective backwash process
*the prevention of dead corners
The unique design of the Superbead filter allows the backwash
cycle to operate with no reversed flows oradditional air
blowers to aggitate the beads. The whole backwash cycle and
bead movement is performed using gravity only (no power used
at all) and is very effective.

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