Large Stainless Steel Submersible Heat Exchanger 30kW

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The heat exchangers are designed for full immersion in water. In addition to stainless steel heat exchangers, The heat exchangers are available in 2 models: for a heat transfer of approximately 15 kW and 30 kW respectively (with a temperature difference of approximately 50°C).

Stainless Steel Heat Coils: Freshwater Applications

  • designed for immersion: these coils are made to be fully submerged in water for excellent heat transfer without unnecessary resistance
  • easy installation: simply connect them to the home boiler, district heating, heat pump, or solar collectors
  • efficient in use: complete heat transfer to the water without any loss of pump capacity

Techinical Data

Additional information Dimensions
Weight kg 3.4
Material aisi 316 stainless steel
EAN 8717591055709

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