Kusuri Bio Balance 11kg (Bucket)

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‚‚‚ pH buffer, helps to keep pH fluctuations under control.
‚‚‚ Regulates carbonate alkalinity (KH).
‚‚‚ Enhances oxygen exchange in the pond.
‚‚‚ Enhances activity of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria.
‚‚‚ Helps absorb soluble phosphorus, one of the main causes for proliferation of algae.
‚‚‚ Improves the digestive system of your fish.
The pH buffer capability of Kusuri Biobalance depends on the hardness and KH of the water. Therefore pH stabilization may take from
a few days to several weeks. Biobalance may cloud the water and it may take up to 8 or 10 hours before the water begins to clear.
KH regulation: 20 gms of Biobalance per m³ raises the KH by approx. 1 °DH.
Add daily 5 g per 1000 litres pond water until the desired KH is reached.
Monitor KH regularly and repeat the treatment whenever required.
pH buffering: Add every other day 5 g per 1000 litres pond water until pH stabilizes.
Repeat whenever necessary. Add Biobalance preferably at night.
Biobalance should be used throughout the year and is an excellent support for
Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear and Sludge Away.

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