Kiyomizu Adult Koi Food 7kg (6mm)

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KIYOMIZU ADULT - 6 mm for Koi from 35-60 cm

Adult Koi grow more slowly and start to develop their body shape and colour. It is therefore essential to change their feed, making sure they are given the ingredients they need for this stage of life.
Kiyomizu Koi Food Adult contains prebiotics and probiotics to strengthen the health and vitality of Koi.

The Koi hobby is in continuous development thanks to improved knowledge about feed,water quality and pond design. Over the past few decades, many types of Koi feed have beendeveloped, including special food for growth & extra growth, colour, health & probiotics, winter (wheat germ) etc.
It is usual for lots of domestic animals such as puppies and kittens to be given special food.
As animals grow into adults and later in life, when they grow older, their nutritional requirements change. Each stage of life requires a different kind of food to ensure good health and a vital old age. This is no different with Koi.
For this reason, Kiyomizu Koi Food offers a choice of three balanced formulas that provide Koi with exactly what they need at every stage of their lives. Or, perhaps even more importantly, they are prevented from getting too much of the nutrients that do more harm than good at certain stages of their lives.
Feeding Koi according to their age-related needs also optimises the water quality. Although good quality feed is extremely important, water quality is equally important to health and growth.

Kiyomizu Koi Food contains special ingredients that promote optimum digestion and absorption of vitalnutrients. The composition of Kiyomizu helps maintain water quality and reduce organic waste.

In developing Kiyomizu Koi Food, the product was built from scratch around this concept using our existing knowledge of Koi and the best ingredients currently available to provide Koi with exactly the right blend required at their age. The latest and most innovative developments have been deployed in the manufacture of our feed, resulting in this new standard in Koi nutrition.

Kiyomizu Koi Food consists of:

  • BIO-MOS (mannan oligosaccharides)
  • organic trace elements
  • astaxanthin
  • easily digestible protein
  • prebiotics and probiotics
  • organically bonded vitamins and minerals
  • special algae products - essential for the production of Omega 3
  • Montmorillonite clay (bentonite)
  • yeast extracts
  • ingredients to improve digestion

The size of Kiyomizu Koi Food pellets is designed to suit the "target audience". If the pond contains Koi of different sizes, we recommend starting with the largest pellets and waiting until the bigger Koi have started feeding before introducing the smaller pellets.

Feed once to three times a day.

Do not feed the fish more than they eat in five minutes. Remove any uneaten feed.
When the water temperature is less than 10ºC, Koi have a reduced appetite and slow digestion and should be fed accordingly.

Do not feed Koi if the water temperature drops below 5ºC.

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