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K-Koi 18000V GRP Filter (Gravity with Media) NO LID

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The KF18,000V is a high quality, free-standing, fibreglass, four bay, filter with integral vortex designed to improve your fish's environment. Its "state-of-the art" multi chamber design ensures maximum filtration with the minimum of maintenance. The unit is suitable for fish ponds of 18,000 litres and a maximum flow rate of 11,000 litres per hour. However, with lighter stocking densities or in fish free ponds the KF18,000 will comfortably cope with much larger volumes. The integral Vortex enhances the unit's performance and reduces the maintenance intervals

The media package consists of:
Bay 1: Eighteen 16" long x 8" diametre polypropylene filter brushes - They are of a semi-rigid construction with a wire loop at the end for easy cleaning.
Bay 2: Blue matting - This is an excellent filter media as it has a large surface area giving it an excellent bio-mass retention. Its open texture removes larger particles from the water.
Bay 3: Three layers of reticulated foam with different density of porosity of each layer. This is on top of a layer of approximately 2 cubic foot of flocor.
Bay 4: Six way foam block manifold assembly on top of six cubic foot of Flocor. The large surface area of Flocor tubes makes it an ideal filter media.

102 ‚‚½ long x 33‚‚½ wide x 32‚‚½ Deep
Maximum flow rate 11,000 litre per hour
Three drainage points - (Accepts 1.5" solvent weld pipe for remote drainage)
Supplied with 3 x 1.5" Kockney Koi Ball Valves (Not shown)
The gravity fed model has a 4" inlet and 1.5" outlet where the pump fed model has a 1.5" inlet and 4" outlet.

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