Green Control Natural Blanket Weed Controller

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Green Control - Completely organic - Safely removes algae - Free of algaecide

Green Control is a completely natural product to combat algae and to control the water quality. Green Control is a product without the addition of any algaecide, zinc oxide or copper compounds. Green Control extracts the nutrients the algae need to grow from the water. Even a triple overdose will not harm fish or plants.
Green Control is also suitable for swimming ponds and is harmless to humans and animals. Water turbidity clearly disappears with Green Control and thus contributes to crystal clear water. 

Working of Green Control:

Special chelating agents absorb nutrients from the water and make them accessible to algae and aquatic plants. Even previously present deposits of heavy metals are dissolved and converted into a nutrient. In combination with the chelates, the fruit acids introduced create a stable carbonate hardness. When using Green Control, phosphate deposits are also bound, which are then made available to the algae as the carrier of the nutrient. The bound nutrient is absorbed by the algae and penetrates deep into the lime structure of the algae. This dissolves the lime structure of the algae, causing the algae to die. By using Green Control, the phosphate level of the water increases, which is caused by the binding of all the nutrients that are present in the water. This has no disadvantages for fish, plants and other aquatic life as well as for birds, dogs, cats, etc. This measurable total phosphate content benefits the water plants as a nutrient but is not useful for the algae, which consequently leads to the death of the algae.

Dosage Green Control:

Dosage 100g per 3000 litres.
At first use: 3 times a month (every ten days).
Subsequent use: Once a month.

Spread Green Control in the water and distribute evenly over the pond. Green Control doesn't need to be dissolved in water in advance. 

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