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Gold Label Pond Paint Black 2ltr

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This unique paint is designed to effectively seal and re-paint the concrete lining of your pond. It works using only 2 coats (on smooth surfaces) without needing primer, and as it is water based can be applied to damp surfaces. This means it is also less toxic than traditional pond paints.  It has coverage of 6-8 m2 which also means with 2 coats used (on smooth rendered concrete) it is far more cost effective than the typical pond paints out there. With a second coat application time of 6-48 hours and such ease of application, professional pond builders are choosing Gold Label Pond Paint every time! It comes in a variety of colours and sizes, is easy to mix and apply, and dries after 6-8 hours (full cure 3-7 days). The paint also works on other surfaces such as: blocks, brick, tiles, fibreglass and plastic. It should last approximately 5-10 years, giving you a fresh look to your water tight pond for years to come!

  • No Primer Needed
  • Works on damp surfaces
  • Easy to apply with brush, roller or spray.
  • Water based, therefore easier to clean & less toxic.
  • 2 coats only (on smooth surfaces)
  • Quicker pond refill than single pack paints
  • Coverage of 6-8 m2 per litre
  • Comes in recyclable packaging


Prep your pond: Make sure the surface is clean and dry and free of any imperfections/cracks etc. Should you find any cracks fill where appropriate with Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealer. For large cracks V out the crack to approximately 10mm, make sure the surface to be bonded is solid & dust free, prime the surface with PVA (follow manufacturer’s instructions), then fill with Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealer. 

Prep the paint: Please note: Although Gold Label Pond Paint is much safer than normal resin systems; it is recommended you should avoid contact by using a barrier cream or gloves. Please find the link to our gloves here. Any splashes should be washed off with soap and water.

  • Your paint comes in 2 sections, the hardener in the top and the paint in the bottom. Prior to adding the hardener, thoroughly stir the paint. Add the hardener to the paint in the bottom pot and mix thoroughly for a minimum of 2 minutes (VERY IMPORTANT). Once mixed, the paint is usable for around 1.5 hours in ambient temperatures. (Over 20°c the timing will be reduced.)
  • Once mixed, apply the paint by brush, roller or spray, ensuring that the coating reaches all corners, nooks & crannies etc. Apply a minimum of 2 coats (the 2nd coat can be applied once the 1st coat is touch dry (approx. 6-8 hours at 20°c) This applies to any subsequent coats). The paint will cure hard in 12 hours, and fully cure in 3-7 days depending on atmospheric conditions. Once fully cured, wash the surface completely and allow to drain before refilling to use once again. B: Leave for 24 hours and if there is any residue on the surface, skim off before adding any livestock.

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