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The Flowfriend is far ahead in terms of pumping water energy-efficiently. The FlowFriend already today meets the highest MEI category of over 0.7. The MEI - Minimum Efficiency Index - Category is related to the efficiency of the motor, as well as the pumps hydraulics and a directive was developed in 2012 to mandate the energy efficiency of water pumps. To underline this extraordinary accomplishment: The EU has mandated a minimum MEI of 0.4 as compulsory effective July 2014.

The FlowFriend:

- Extremely energy efficient 

- Standard RPM controls

- High flows at low energy consumption 

- Extremely quiet

- A Highly efficient, new generation of permanent magnet motor 

- Optimised hydraulics cast entirely from 316 stainless steel

- optimal coordination between pond and season

- A premium efficiency IE4 motor

- Motor developed and manufacturer in Germany

- Can be deployed anywhere in the world: voltages ranging from 100-240V/50-60Hz

Ability to adjust the flowfriends RPMs (from 600-2550 RPM) is a standard feature. The pump includes a display for this purpose that also displays power consumption and hours of operation. The major benefit of a permanent magnet motor compared to frequency controlled asynchronous motors is the remarkably high efficiency at low RPMs. However, even at higher RPMs, these pumps are significantly more efficient. 

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