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Introducing the Filtreau Moving Bed Filter, a highly efficient biofiltration system designed to ensure crystal-clear water in your pond. With its 190L bio-chamber and innovative moving bed design, this filter system offers exceptional filtration performance for (koi) ponds up to an impressive capacity of 30,000L.

The Filtreau Moving Bed Filter utilizes the power of biofiltration to effectively remove impurities and maintain optimal water quality. The 190L bio-chamber provides ample space for beneficial bacteria to thrive, facilitating the breakdown of organic waste and promoting a healthy pond environment. Experience the benefits of clear and pristine water that enhances the beauty of your aquatic habitat.

Prior to installation, inlets and outlets are required to integrate the Filtreau Moving Bed Filter into your pond system. This allows for proper water flow and circulation, ensuring efficient filtration throughout your pond.

With a capacity to hold around 100 liters of moving bed media, this filter system provides ample surface area for the colonization of beneficial bacteria. The moving bed media enhances biological filtration by providing a large contact area for the bacteria to flourish and effectively break down harmful substances in the water.

The Filtreau Moving Bed Filter boasts a maximum flow rate of 20 m³/h, which can be achieved with the included 1X inlet and 1X outlet. For additional flexibility, extra inlets and outlets can be added as per your specific requirements.

Crafted from durable PE (polyethylene) housing, the Filtreau Moving Bed Filter is built to withstand the demands of outdoor use and ensure long-lasting performance. Its compact dimensions of 550x550x750 mm make it suitable for installations with limited space.

Invest in the Filtreau Moving Bed Filter and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient biofiltration system that promotes clear and healthy water in your pond. Trust in the quality and expertise of Selective Koi Sales to meet all your pond filtration needs. Create a thriving aquatic environment and delight in the beauty of your pond with the Filtreau Moving Bed Filter.

Technical Data

Max. flow 20 m³/h (per 2X inlet / 2X outlet)
Dimensions unit 550x550x750 mm
Qty in-outlet 1X in / 1X out (optional: extra in/outlets)
Diameter in-outlet Ø 110/110 mm
Housing  PE

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