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Introducing the Filtreau Float Switch Complete, the ultimate solution for optimizing your Filtreau Drum filter system. Designed with precision and engineered to enhance your filtration process, this float switch offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

At Selective Koi Sales, we understand the importance of a well-maintained pond ecosystem. The Filtreau Float Switch Complete is specifically designed for use with Filtreau Drum filters, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality. This innovative accessory monitors the water level within the drum, automatically activating or deactivating the filter system as needed, providing precise control over the filtration process.

With the Filtreau Float Switch Complete, you can say goodbye to manual adjustments and guesswork. This intelligent device optimizes your filtration system by ensuring it operates at the ideal water level. By automatically activating the drum filter when the water level rises and deactivating it when the desired level is reached, the float switch promotes efficient and effective filtration, saving you time and effort.

We prioritize your convenience, which is why the Filtreau Float Switch Complete is designed for easy installation and operation. Simply connect it to your Filtreau Drum filter system, and let the switch take care of the rest. Its user-friendly design and reliable performance guarantee hassle-free maintenance and peace of mind.

Invest in the efficiency of your Filtreau Drum filter system with the Filtreau Float Switch Complete. By optimizing the filtration process, this accessory maximizes water clarity and purity, creating a healthier environment for your koi. Experience the convenience of precise water level control and let the float switch revolutionize your pond maintenance routine.

Choose Selective Koi Sales for all your pond maintenance needs. Explore the Filtreau Float Switch Complete today and discover how it can enhance the performance of your Filtreau Drum filter system. Elevate your filtration capabilities and provide the best care for your beloved aquatic companions. Trust in the reliability and effectiveness of Filtreau products to transform your pond into a thriving ecosystem.


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