Filtreau combi-NEXT with UVC (Gravity) (NEW XL Motor)

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Introducing the Filtreau Combi-NEXT with UVC (Gravity) (NEW XL Motor), the ultimate low-maintenance filter system designed to provide you with healthy and crystal-clear water effortlessly. Say goodbye to daily maintenance and enjoy the benefits of a pristine pond with ease.

The Filtreau Combi-NEXT combines the power of a drum filter, a 350L moving-bed bio-chamber, and a 40W UVC Amalgam module to deliver exceptional filtration performance. With its innovative design, this filter system is suitable for (koi) ponds up to an impressive 45,000 liters, ensuring optimal water quality for your aquatic habitat.

Equipped with 3 inlets (110mm) and 2 outlets (110mm) as standard, the Filtreau Combi-NEXT allows for a water flow rate of more than 30 m3/h. Whether you have an existing pond or setting up a new one, the front-facing inlets and outlets provide easy installation and seamless integration into your pond setup.

The Filtreau Combi-NEXT is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Experience a low-maintenance solution that keeps your water clear and your pond thriving. Spend more time enjoying your aquatic paradise and less time worrying about constant upkeep.

With dimensions of 93cm in length, 104cm in width, and 102cm in height, the Filtreau Combi-NEXT is designed to optimize space utilization without compromising on filtration performance. It offers a compact footprint while delivering exceptional results.

Invest in the convenience and reliability of the Filtreau Combi-NEXT with UVC (Gravity) (NEW XL Motor). Experience the benefits of a low-maintenance filter system that provides healthy and clear water for your pond. Trust in the exceptional quality and performance of Filtreau products to enhance your aquatic environment and ensure the well-being of your beloved fish. Choose Selective Koi Sales for all your pond filtration needs and take your pond to the next level of excellence.

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