Filtreau combi-AFTER Drum Filter incl. UVC (Gravity)

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Introducing the Filtreau Combi-AFTER incl. UVC (Gravity), the ultimate low-maintenance filter system designed to provide you with healthy and crystal-clear water effortlessly. Say goodbye to the tedious daily maintenance routines, as this advanced filter system takes care of your pond with minimal effort.

The Filtreau Combi-AFTER combines the efficiency of a drum filter with a 350L Moving Bed Biochamber, making it the ideal choice for (koi) ponds up to 45,000 liters. Experience the convenience of a self-regulating filtration system that promotes optimal water quality and ensures the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants.

Equipped with 3 inlets and 3 outlets of 110mm, the Filtreau Combi-AFTER ensures excellent water flow and circulation. Its thoughtfully designed drum filter effectively removes debris and impurities, while the 350L Moving Bed Biochamber provides a biological filtration stage to maintain a balanced and healthy pond ecosystem.

The Filtreau Combi-AFTER is built to deliver exceptional performance while minimizing maintenance requirements. Its low-maintenance design allows you to enjoy clear and pristine water without the need for daily upkeep. Spend more time admiring your pond and less time worrying about its maintenance.

With dimensions of 1730cm in length, 570cm in width, and 1020cm in height, the Filtreau Combi-AFTER is designed to fit seamlessly into your pond setup. Its compact yet spacious construction ensures efficient filtration without occupying excessive space.

Invest in the convenience and efficiency of the Filtreau Combi-AFTER incl. UVC (Gravity). Experience the benefits of healthy and clear water with minimal maintenance effort. Choose Selective Koi Sales for all your pond filtration needs and discover how the Filtreau Combi-AFTER can transform your pond into a vibrant and thriving aquatic haven. Trust in the exceptional quality and reliability of Filtreau products to provide the best care for your beloved koi.

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