Oase Filter cartridge set for biotec premium 8000

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The heart of a filter are its filter sponges - filter cartridge set for the BioTec Premium 80000. 2x included in the set, purple filter sponges have rather coarse filtering properties. The higher flow speed is of particular benefit to the oxygen-loving filter bacteria. These microorganisms ensure that the degradation products that have arisen in the pond are converted into harmless substances (nitrification). This also applies to the two included blue filter sponges. The two red filter sponges, on the other hand, show their strengths with their fine filtration properties and thus remove the smallest residues of dirt particles from the water at a slow flow rate. The ideal team effort for your BioTec Premium with a perfect filter result.

  • Significant load capacity with high dimensional stability
  • Constant and regular water flow thanks to a fixed pore size
  • 100% compatible with animals, plants and microorganisms
  • 2 x red; 2 x blue; 2 x violet

Technical Data

Scope of delivery 2 x red; 2 x blue; 2 x violet
Suitable for BioTec Premium 80000

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