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EB 60 CompleteSystem(sieve, BLUE-ECO, UVC, EB60)

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Unique on the European pond market: complete ‚‚¦PLUG & PLAY‚‚½ filter installation installed on a polymer pallet.
The perfect solution for installers and DIYers! Install a complete filter system in 15 minutes!
De sets are consisting of:
- AquaForte Beadfilter EB-Series with by-pass,
- MidiSieve (standard or extra high),
- 40 or 75 watt Power UV T5,
- AquaForte DM-20000 Vario pump or Blue-Eco 320
It only needs 3 connections to the pond system: inlet from bottomdrain/skimmer (110mm), return to pond (63mm) and waste outlet
(50mm). Pallet size: 100 x 120 cm.
The sets are fully mounted with all fittings, pipework, checkvalve and includes the polymer pallet!

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