Colombo Lernex 200g

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Lernex fights the worms of the skin (Gyrodactylus), the worms of gills (Dactylogyrus), and intestinal worms (Nematodes).

Lernex is also effective against leeches (Piscicola), fish lice (Argulus) and anchor worm (Lernea). The presence of these parasites is noticeable to the naked eye.

The characteristic symptoms of contamination with these parasites include apathy, rubbing and reduced appetite.

Dosage: 20 gr (=1 measuring spoon) per 500 litres of pond water. Use the included measuring spoon provided to measure out the required amount of Morenicol Lernex. Make a premix of this with water in a bucket or watering can. Dose evenly over the surface of the pond. Below 10°C Morenicol Lernex is absorbed insufficiently by the parasite, it’s recommended to increase the water temperature to improve absorption. When needed the treatment can be repeated after 14 days. Remove carbon and zeolite during treatment; UV-lamps and ozone should be switched off during 1 week after the last administration. Keep biological filter in function.

  • 100 g to treat 2500 litres.

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