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BioRotator Compact S

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BioRotator Compact S- External Fluspump


All BioRotators Compact S come with:

  • lid
  • control electronics
  • Moving Bed Hel-X 17mm

The Compact Small uses 50 litres of Hel-X 17 as its biological filter material and can process about 20 m3/hour. 

The BioRotators are very energy efficient, have compact dimensions, are made of high-quality materials and are completely automated. They are suitable for a gravity set-up and can also be used easily pump-fed. About 60% of the biological component is above the surface of the water, in an oxygen-rich environment (20% compared to a maximum of 4% oxygen in water). This ensures optimal oxygen saturation.The effect of a trickle filter is imitated without the need to pump water upwards.

An air pump is not required for this filter type, which significantly reduces the negative effect of dissolving nitrogen in water. Since the biological filter material is surrounded by far more oxygen, the filter ripens faster and more efficiently. This also makes fluctuations in feed intensity easier to handle. Ammonia and nitrite are removed more quickly and more effectively compared to filters with fully submerged filter material. After use of a BioRotator, the water is richer in oxygen. On top of that, it contains fewer anaerobic (harmful) bacteria. The BioRotator is a high-grade total solution for Koi and swimming ponds with a maximum flow of 50m3/hour.


The water flows into the drum sieve, where any dirt larger than 70 microns (0.07mm) is removed. A water level sensor measures whether enough water flows through the drum. If the drum sieve becomes overly clogged, an automatic flushing programme is activated. The collected dirt is automatically removed from the sieve by means of the high-pressure pump and transported to the sewer via nozzles and a flushing channel.

Technical Data

Weight (kg) 70
Max. flow (m3/hour) 15-25
Advice max. Volume koi pond (m3) 20
Inlet (mm) 3x110
Outlet (mm) 3x110
Dimensions (mm) 1435x570x507
Material Polypropylene
EAN 8717591054641
Taric code 84212100

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