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The Bio UV Neo Series unit is a Ultraviolet Sanitizer and Clarifier designed specifically for the koi industry and are made of PVC plastic with four mounting feet and PVC electrical enclosure bonnet.

The Bio UV Neo Series have earned an outstanding reputation for quality, functionality, performance and reliability. Three different models serve systems with water max flow rates from 12000 lph to 25000 lph.

The Bio UV Neo Series models feature a electronic ballasts.

Pond water containing unwanted contaminates enters the Bio UV Neo unit’s wet chamber and is exposed to the light rays generated by the UV bulb. The Bio UV Neo unit has been designed to allow for some turbidity in the water, as turbidity will reduce the UV light wave transmission capability. Therefore, all Bio UV Neo Series are sized for a minimum two second exposure time to allow for possible turbidity in the water and the
reduction in the killing power of the UV bulb when it nears the end of its useful life. When the incoming water is exposed for this duration, the water exiting the unit is near drinking water biological quality.

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