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AquaForte Skimmer Seive Low

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Why the AquaForte SkimmerSieve?

• Easy to install in any kind of pond.
• High flow rate possible.
• Possibilities for placing the SkimmerSieve farther from the pool.
• Easily span distances of over 10 metres.
• Easy to maintain.
• Multiple skimmers can be connected to Sieve.
• Efficient debris collection.

Technical specifications:

• The sets consist of an UltraSieve Midi or Low including an extra Ø160 mm inlet and a wide-mouth skimmer with a Ø160 mm flange connection.
• The Ø160 mm flexible socket provides a direct and easy connection.
• The skimmer has no basket, so all the debris goes directly to the screen for easy maintenance.
• The Ø160 mm flange with skimmer mouth is available separately to connect two skimmers to one SkimmerSieve.

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