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Aquaforte Signal Power UVC 75W

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Professional version of the very popular AquaForte Power UV-C. The AquaForte Prime Power Signal UV-C is equipped with a LED timer that continuously displays the lamp status clearly in colour. LED status: green: everything okay; flashing green: almost end of lamp life; red: end of lamp life. After lamp replacement, the timer can be reset so that the countdown starts again. The unit is made of duplex (salt water resistant!) and has 3 connections (2 x 63 mm and 1 x blind cover), plus 2 special hose connectors (32/38/40/50mm) for even more installation options.

The unit is equipped with a T5 lamp and electronic ballast for optimum operation (9000 hours). Average lifespan of the ballast is ± 5 years. The T5 lamp provides a radiation value of 25,000 microwatts. Working pressure maximum 2 bar. Keeps bacteria and algae under control

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