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AquaForte Prime Buster UV-C 420 watt

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Why AquaForte Buster UV-C?

• Professional UV-C units for large ponds.
• Optimum water flow due to smart design.
• Easy to install.
• Transparent lamp head for easy visual inspection.
• Stainless steel 316L housing.
• Available with 1 x 80 watt, 1x 140 watt or 3x 140 watt amalgam lamp.
• Base has adjusting screws for levelling.
• The adjusting screws can also be mounted in the ‘back’ of the base and cover for horizontal use.

Technical specifications:

• Redesigned electronic ballast has a signal lamp that indicates the status of the UV-C lamp: Green: everything okay, Flashing green: lamp(s) almost at end of life. Red: lamp(s) at end of life. After lamp replacement the timer can be reset so the countdown starts again.
• The 80 and 140 watt version are supplied with a flow switch in a Ø63 mm socket; the 420 watt version has a built-in flow switch.
• Connections: Buster 80W: 2 x 2" male threaded, Buster 140W: 2 x 2½" male threaded and Buster 420W: 2 x 3" male threaded.
• Max. pressure: 2.5 bar.

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