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Aquaforte Prime Biopool robot

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A new era in cleaning a swimming pond and biopool has begun! Zodiac’s best robot cleaner is now available for biopools and swimming ponds. The 4 WD robot is equipped with a special 400μ cartridge for larger organic dirt particles. The robot has an extra wide suction opening of 24 centimeters for easy suction. The transparent window makes it clear to see how full the filter cartridge is. The Biopool robot is a four-wheel drive robot. Thanks to the patented “Lift System”, the robot is easy to remove from the water. The robot releases all its water before it is lifted from the swimming pond. Other specifications of this unique robot:

  • Sensor Nav System™: This allows the robot to study the dimensions of the swimming pond or biopool for the best and fastest cleaning result.
  • Ultra powerful filter performance: thanks to the patented Cyclone suction.
  • Ease of use: less chance of cable confusion thanks to the improved swivel and gyroscope and patented lift system.
  • Communication: control over the robot with the iAquaLink APP.

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