Amalgam 40W Submersible UVC (3 Piece)

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These lamps can be used in filter tanks so the water can pass without any resistance/pressure loss

NOTE: the UV-C Radiation range is limited (dependent on i.e. the water clarity) so only a part of the flowing water is treated. The user is responsible for the dangers of exposure to the UV-C radiation to the eye.

Use the supplied safety glasses and/or a safety switch that automatically switches the lamp off when you have access to the lamp.

WARNING: Please make sure that the lamp is always completely underwater!

The plastic end of the lamp has a 32mm diameter so you can use 32mm pipe clips to mount the lamp in the tank. The T5 lamp has a 9000 hour lifespan and a 25000 microwatt output. A special tank connector is now available for direct installation in i.e filters. 

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