OASE Swim Skim 50 CWS (inc pump)

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The power pack for above and under water: The Skimmer SwimSkim 50 cleans pond surfaces up to 50 m² and with its 3500 l / h ensures that leaves or pollen cannot settle on the bottom. If this does happen, however, deposited particles are whirled up by the integrated blurring function at 600 l / h and then strongly attracted by the skimmer again. In addition, the pond receives an extra portion of oxygen. With this intelligent function, the SwimSkim 50 is an ideal partner for every filter system. Cleaning is particularly straightforward, as the filter basket with a volume of 4.5 l can be easily and conveniently removed. With its low power consumption of only 45 watts, the SwimSkim 50 reacts very flexibly to changes in the water level, because it simply adapts to them.

  • The result is clearly improved water quality and viewing depth through direct removal of pollutants on the surface
  • Integrated injector that enriches the pond with oxygen
  • Extremely strong suction
  • Easy cleaning with basket removal
  • Automatic adaptation to any water level (from 40 cm water depth)
  • Powerful suction cleaning of pond surfaces up to 50 m²
  • Including whirlpool function for avoidance of floor sedimentation
  • Special energy-saving Eco motor technology

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 450 x 400 x 390
Rated voltage 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption W. 45
Power cable length m 10.00
Net weight kg 4.54
Limited warranty Years 2
Limited warranty Years 2 + 1
Filter volume l 4.5
Possible water level difference Unlimited
Pond surface, max. 50
Pump capacity, max. l / h 3500
Aerator function l / h 600
Whirlpool function Yes

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