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NT Labs Paramedic Kit

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NT Labs Paramedic Kit - First Aid for Pond Fish

When to Use: The NT Labs Paramedic Kit is designed for use when fish exhibit cuts, abrasions, or ulcers on their bodies. It provides basic first aid to facilitate the recovery of koi fish.


  1. Koi Calm (10ml): A sedative to make fish handling easier (for koi only).
  2. Ulcer Swab (30ml): Wound cleaner and disinfectant.
  3. Propolis Wound Seal (30ml): Antiseptic, waterproof sealant to prevent bacterial infection.
  4. Pair of Gloves: Ensures hygienic handling during treatment.
  5. 10 Cotton Buds: Used for applying topical treatments.
  6. Instruction Leaflet: Provides guidance on product usage.

How to Use:

  1. Prepare Equipment: Have the necessary tools ready, including a container for fish during treatment.
  2. Catch the Injured Fish: Follow the instructions provided in the leaflet.
  3. Treatment: Apply the components as directed in the instruction leaflet.
  4. Post-Treatment: Treat the pond with Acriflavin to reduce pathogenic bacteria and prevent re-infection.
  5. Fish Recovery: Feed Medikoi Health and Medikoi Probiotic for essential nourishment and high-quality nutrition.
  6. Regular Water Testing: Use NT Labs Test Kits to monitor water quality regularly.


  • Avoid use in hot, humid, thundery weather.
  • Do not leave fish unattended during treatment.

Note: The Paramedic Kit is a comprehensive solution for addressing wounds and injuries in pond fish. By following the provided instructions, fish keepers can safely and hygienically administer basic first aid to aid in the quick recovery of their koi.

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